Neolithic Pottery, Newbury

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Neolithic Pottery, Newbury

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The New Stone Age is marked by several changes in the archaeological record indicating a more settled way of life. These include evidence of farming, the creation of monuments like long barrows and the production of pottery. However there are very few known Neolithic settlements in West Berkshire. These sherds came from Enborne Gate gravel pit, and are of a type called Peterborough Ware. Pots made by coiling clay were decorated with impressions of bones or cords. The sherds were found with a possible stone quern.

Further information about the archaeological site is available on the HER:

HERThe Historic Environment Record (HER) is a register of all known archaeological and historical sites in the unitary authority of West Berkshire.

Period: c 4000-2350 BC

Place: Newbury



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