Uncovering the Egyptian Collections

This month the Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society (TVAES) were invited to the Museum Stores for a tour and to take a closer look at the Museum’s Egyptian collections. The Museum Curator and Beth Asbury, Assistant Archaeologist for West Berkshire Council and a member of TVAES, pre-selected a group of objects from the Museum collection that were interesting but also had the potential for further research. The group brought their expert knowledge to the sessions and were able to enhance the information recorded about the items. A few members are also experienced at reading hieroglyphs and were able to translate the writing on a 26th Dynasty funerary stele and were able to tell us that the person it was made for used to be a scribe, overseer and a priest. We hope to continue working with members of TVAES on the development of a future exhibition displaying the Egyptian collection.


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