New Blinds and Window Film

Behind the Scenes

The Grade I listed Cloth Hall and the Museum Library has recently received a few additions to the windows to help manage the environmental conditions.

In the Cloth Hall, Conservation grade Uvista Leaded Window UV Protection has been fitted to the windows, which will significantly reduce Ultraviolet radiation from entering the room. UV radiation can damage objects on display and cause stains and dyes on paper and wood to fade. Black-out blinds have also been installed to reduce the visible light when required. This will be beneficial to the historic collections but also for future events where a darker space is needed such as talks and film screenings. In the Museum Library, film has been added to the inside of the large windows to help reduce Ultraviolet radiation and temperature. This will help with human comfort levels and also long term storage for the library books.

The blinds, leaded window protection and film were supplied and installed by CSC Window Films.

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