Post-medieval Civil War Sword and Cannonball, Donnington

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Post-medieval Civil War Sword and Cannonball, Donnington

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Two Civil War battles were fought around Newbury, in 1643 and 1644; neither was a victory for Royalists or Parliamentarians but both events were significant. The conflict and the siege that took place at Donnington Castle in 1644-46 have caught the imagination of many people since, as can be seen in this, probably Victorian, wooden plaque. A half cannon ball and a sword from near the castle, have been mounted as a decoration. The cannon ball might have bombarded the castle walls, but the sword is a later weapon.

Further information about the archaeological site is available on the HER:

HERThe Historic Environment Record (HER) is a register of all known archaeological and historical sites in the unitary authority of West Berkshire.

Period: 1540-1900

Place: Shaw-cum-Donnington



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